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About Venture Skateboard Trucks

Venture trucks are manufactured in the United States and sponsors a team of professional skateboarders. In November 2012 Felipe Gustavo joined the Venture team and the company produced a truck dedicated to Gustavo's father, a long-time supporter of his son's skateboarding.

Blind Skateboards' pro skateboarder Kevin Romar, released a signature V-Light pro model truck. Venture Trucks have five types of trucks which are designed to suit most riders: V Hollow Light, V Light, V Polished, V Pro and Team Trucks plus the latest toughest and lightest V Titanium.

Venture Trucks have sponsored riders: Andrew Wilson, Beatrice Domond, Brandon Biebel, Bobby Worrest, Caleb Barnett, Stefan Janoski, Gino Ianucci, Torey Pudwill, Stevie Williams, Brandon Westgate, Kevin Romar, Max Geronzi, Trent McClung, Felipe Gustavo, Kevin Romar, Yaje Popson and Paul Rodriguez.

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