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DaFin Swimfins are designed in Hawaii and used by the Worlds Best Waterman including Mark Cunningham (World Champion Bodysurfer), Zak Noyle (Professional Surf Photographer) and Brian Keaulana (World Renowned Hawaiian Waterman). They are also the official fin of the United States Lifesaving Association and Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. DaFin and Stealth are perfect swimfins / flippers for swimming, snorkelling, bodysurfing or bodyboarding.

DaFin Swim Fin Features:

  • 100% Malaysian Rubber: All natural, high quality rubber. The blade provides rigid resistance yet is flexible where required. There is less drag on the up kick and leg strain and cramps are reduced.
  • Lightweight: For such a powerful fin, DAFIN is one of the lightest surf fins on the market.  Less weight equals less strain.
  • Extremely powerful: Revolutionary design creating maximum acceleration of the water flowing over the fin surface resulting in more thrust per kick. Can be worn on either foot.

Stealth Fins / Flippers. The original and the best. The Stealth S1 is crafted with 100% Malaysian rubber. They have a soft foot pocket for ultimate comfort and a stiff curved blade for maximum propulsion. It is built with the classic circle drainage system and has been used by many top riders over the years. Currently this is the fin of choice for George Humphreys, Jacob Hein and Shaun Pyne.

Stealth S1 Swim Fin Features:

  • Original Angled Blade Design: The angled blade is designed for maximum thrust and acceleration.
  • Quality Construction: Made from the finest 100% Malaysian rubber.
  • Soft Foot Pocket: The soft pocket features the unique stealth drainage system allowing sand and broken shells to wash out.
  • Secure Ankle Straps: Natural rubber ankle straps to keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf conditions.