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A surfskate is a skateboard with a front truck that has a side to side motion that allows the rider to pump the board similar to surfing on water. Surfskates are also very good at sharp turning due to the rotation of the front truck on its centre pivot bolt. This is different to standard skateboard trucks that pivot up and down from the kingpin bushings only allowing a small amount of rotation.

Surfskates are a great land based training tool when the surf is flat, as the pump generated by the surfskate replicates the speed generated in the wave for high speed maneuvers.

We have some great surfskates from brands including Adrenalin, Swelltech and Hamboards. Hamboards make large surfkates that replicate longboard surfboards that even allow you to hang ten. Hamboards are great for land SUPing that use a paddle with a rubber tip for pushing off.