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Surfboards Bodyboards and Accessories

Soft surfboards are constructed using EPS cores and stringers to provide a durable and strong board that will last you for years. They have soft fins on them so that you won't get injured while learining to surf or if you are advanced you can surf between the flags. We carry a wide range of Softlite Soft Surfboards for free shipping Australia wide. Grab yourself a soft surfboard today and you can understand Softlite's motto "Surfing shouldn't be so hard".

Bodyboards are constructed using EPS, PE and PP cores and stringers to provide a durable and strong board that will not only last you for years but give you a wide range of flex options for different climates and water temperatures. We carry a wide range of Stealth Bodyboards for free shipping Australia wide.

We also have a wide range of spare parts and accessories for your board. They include leashes or legropes, boardbags for transportation and storage, spare fins and finboxes plus surfboard wax specifically designed for soft surfboards and bodyboards.

For bodyboarders and bodysurfers, we also have a wide range of swim fins or flippers from top brands Stealth Swimfins and DaFin Swimfins. Both brands offer a wide range of styles designed to give you short, fast accelleration or lighter fins for longer surf sessions where fatigue is a consideration. There are also some Handboards made by WAW Handplanes that are made from 100% recycled plastic collected from the ocean.