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Soft surfboards are the best and safest way for beginners to learn to surf. They have soft decks and fins that will allow you to progress quickly without the fear of getting hurt by your board. They also have great floatation - making it easier to paddle, catch waves and give extra stability once you are standing. The softboard has another advantage over fibreglass - it is more durable, so as your learning you don't have to worry about dings to your board. There are bags available to protect your softboard during transportation and storage.

Advanced surfers also have soft surfboards in their quiver. When the beach is crowded, softboards allow you to surf between the flags, which is great during long hot summers. Grab yourself a Malibu style softboard for those small days, with it's extra buoyancy you will have a ton of fun catching plenty of waves.

Soft Surfboards are not the same as the old foamies that we had as kids. They have a lot of new technology in them borrowed from high quality bodyboards including 100% waterproof EPS Cores, PE Decks for comfort, Slick undersides and Stringers for reinforcement and stiffness. Even the fins are high tech with Softlite Surfboards introducing a fin system that allows you to easily change the fins from the standard Soft versions to most hard fins on the market. This means as you progress in your ability you can upgrade the fins for better turning.