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We have a large range of knee and elbow pads from top brands Triple Eight and 187 Killer Pads. You can purchase knee and elbow pads separately or you can get a box set to save yourself some money. There are a wide range of colours available including blue, white, red camo and of course black. We have the ultra cool Moxi sets in retro sunset fades for the girl skaters and rollerskaters. We also have a wide range of Staab 187 Killer Pads and Triple Eight Moxi pads in junior sizes made specially for kids.

We also have slide gloves and wrist guards to protect your hands and wrists from damage in the event of a fall. Slide gloves are for longboarders who put their hands down to stabilise themselves on a downhiil run, while wrist guards have strong plastic splints inside them to protect your wrist bones while Inline and Roller Skating.