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Scooter Wheels for Pro Scooters

Buy scooter wheels as a replacement for your existing worn wheels or as a upgrade to your freestyle scooter. We carry a wide range of scooter wheels from all the best manufacturers including Australian brand Root Industries, Tilt, Aztek, District Scooters, Grit Scooters, Crisp Scooters and Drone. All of our scooter wheels come in pairs (packs of 2) and include bearings professionally fitted.


Scooter Wheels come in range of sizes

Before you purchase your new scooter wheels make sure the diameter and the width of the wheel is suitable for your scooter. Freestyle scooter wheels come in diameters ranging from 100mm, 110mm, 115mm and 120mm. If the the diameter of your new scooter wheels is too large for your scooter they will rub your forks and brake or they just won't fit at all. As for the width of the scooter wheel they come in sizes 24mm, 26mm, 28mm and 30mm - measure your existing wheels width with a ruler if you are unsure.

Scooter wheel bearings and therefore the axles come in two sizes. the standard size is 8mm but there are some scooters being manufactured with 12mm axles. If you are unsure, measure the actual hole of your existing wheel bearing from one side to the other with a ruler. Most bearings will have a hole diameter of 8mm.


What is a Scooter Wheels durometer?

Companies use a durometer scale to indicate the hardness of the scooter wheels urethane they manufacture. The lower the number means the softer the wheel. For example a wheel with a hardness of 84a would be considered soft, while one labelled 94a would be hard. Soft wheels are smoother and have more grip whereas a harder wheel will have a harsher ride, slide more but have a higher top speed than the soft wheel.


Root Industries source their components from world-leading manufacturers around the globe including Japan, Taiwan, Germany and China. Each manufacturer has the experience and facilities to research, develop and manufacture the designs our riders have demanded, resulting in the best-performing and most durable scooter wheels available today.

Root Industries market-test their scooter wheels in Australia which is one of the toughest and most competitive market places in the world for freestyle scooters. They have proven to be a massive hit amongst all levels of riders from sponsored pro riders down to the beginners and will give outstanding performance and durability.