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Hamboards - the first surf-skateboard prototype is born... one that actually simulates wave surfing. For the first time ever, the world had a long skateboard that actually cruised rail-to-rail like a surfboard.  We had been dreaming of that our whole lives but had no idea that Pete had it, right up the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington.

Hamboards and its patented HST Carving Truck was designed to stand alone as the only true Rail-to-Rail Surfing simulator. Other Surfskates offer serpentine moves for pumping. The Hamboard HST Carving Trucks are stable when cruising (in neutral) but can instantly make deep gouging (30 degree) carves ,with rail-to-rail engagement, so that you can truly, trim and turn on a dime.

Built with aviation grade aluminum, a brand-new high-performance spring, and a critical new kingpin that never needs tuning, this carving truck is meant to unleash monster rips and will last a lifetime (with proper maintenance).