Skateboard Trucks: Choosing the right trucks for your deck

Skateboard trucks are a very important part of your skateboard, they allow you to turn and pivot smoothly. The type and size of the trucks will affect the stability of the skateboard and whether it is best suited for tricks or downhill riding.


Skateboard Truck Parts:


AXLE - The axle is the long metal pin that runs throught the hanger with the nut on each end. The wheels attach to each end of the axle.

HANGER - The hanger is the largest part the truck, triangular in shape with the axle inside it.

BASEPLATE - The baseplate attaches to the underneath of the skateboard deck, it has the four holes in it.

KINGPIN - The kingpin is in the baseplate and is responsible for holding the complete truck together. It sandwiches the hanger between the two bushings and is tightened with a nut and washers.

BUSHINGS - Bushings are the colour soft urethane tubes that fit on the Kingpin. They sandwich the hanger and allow the skateboard to turn and pivot smoothly.


Skateboard Truck Parts


Skateboard Truck Types:


STREET or FREESTYLE - These trucks are designed for trick or street riding. The axle sizes range from 6 inches up to 8.5 inches.

LONGBOARD or DOWNHILL - These trucks are extra wide for downhill and cruising. The axle sizes range from 9 to 10 inches.


Skateboard Truck Types


Skateboard Truck Sizing:


LONGBOARD DECKS - Longboard trucks are designed for stability at high speed, so 9 to 10 inch trucks are the standard for these decks. You can attach the the baseplate to the underside of the deck or as a Dropthrough style deck. These decks allow the baseplate to be mounted above the deck, so the kingpin and bushing are through the deck. This style lowers the skateboard deck to the ground for stability, but gives you less turn clearance.

STREET DECKS - For the best setup your axle width should match the width of your skateboard deck as close as possible. This gives you the best stability for tricks. Check out the deck and truck size chart below.


Skatboard Truck Sizes