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It was summer 2001 and 21-year old founder Ryan Daughtridge had just crafted another set of prototypes for an afternoon session with the crew.  All summer he'd been making skateboards and longboards in his dad's tiny woodshop, but he didn't have a name for his boards.

That day his cousin Mike crashed out and landed flat on a table in the ER with blood gushing from his mouth.  Ryan looked down cringing and said, "Man your lip is bustin open, what should I do?" Mike looked back and mumbled through his swollen mouth, "call the boards Bustin Boards." And so it was and still remains, like the scar that still keeps Mike from getting dates.

From those early days making and breaking prototypes, the Bustin Family has always believed that a skateboard should be an extension of an individual. We believe a good board should inspire you to ride more through its design and function; it should last long and hold up under whatever you throw at it; and it should reflect your style and personality as a true extension of you. This is why we obsess over the details of every board design and offer more graphic and customization options than any other company.  We've been told its foolish and inefficient, but like most creatives we'll never listen.