District Scooters


District Scooters is different than most brands that stepped in this sport nowadays, the FSP Group produces almost all of their products theirselves. We are not a company that is financed by investors and/or banks that only look at their profits percentages at the end of the year. District scooters don't sell predesigned products bought from a cheap factory just because there is a market available. 

District isn't a profit driven firm, District is the real thing. Each and every part we create comes from the feedback of our scooter riders worldwide and is aimed at improving the sport. The District scooter team is now made of over a 100 individuals all over the world, ranging from executives and managers, designers and factory workers to sponsored riders. Together we are one big family. We work as a team to make scootering a better and bigger sport!

We ship District Scooters Free Australia wide.