Bodyboard Core Materials


Polypro Core (PP)

Polypro is a state of the art, engineered Bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flex properties, including instant recoil, enhanced longitudinal stiffness and awesome compression strength. It is also 100% Waterproof, ensuring it stays nice and light throughout your bodyboards life. Ideal for anyone in mid to warm climates, and extremely durable for those who surf a lot!.

NRG Core

Developed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, NRG Core™ has been specifically formulated to duplicate key performance characteristics found in original Dow™ cores. By incorporating the latest advancements in calibrated cell-fusion and ESP™ (engineered stringer placement), NRG Core™ possesses excellent recoil and projection properties. The lightest high-performance core on the market. This is ideal for anyone in mid-cool climates, or those who prefer a bit of flex. Generally NRG Core is used with a Stringer and/or Link Mesh.

Polyethylene Core (PE)

2.5pcf Extruded Polypropylene core for colder waters. Originally the favoured core by many bodyboarders, although over the years, different manufacturers has led to a final product with lower density. NRG was created to fill the void, however PE is still a popular choice, particularly for those who like a bit of flex in their bodyboards.

EPS Core

Extreme composite core that is strong and lightweight offering great flex, speed and flotation. 100% Waterproof. Perfect for beginner bodyboarders.



How to plug a Bodyboard by Stealth Bodyboards


Drilling into the core of your board is a necessary evil when inserting a leash plug. Please read these instructions before inserting your plug:

Most Stealth bodyboards have been fitted with a stringer system. Please check the tech features poster, and stringer stickers on slick side of packaging for verification. 

For boards fitted with a SINGLE STRINGER or TRIDENT STRINGER SYSTEM, drill at least 3 INCHES either side of the centre of the board.

For boards fitted with a DOUBLE STRINGER, drill in the centre of the bodyboard. (Indicated by X on diagrams below).

Failure to comply may result in contact with the stringer. Damage caused by drilling the plug too close to the stringer is not covered by warranty. Although our stringer systems have been designed to increase board strength and maximise recoil properties, they will not prevent creasing. 

Water can enter the internal structure during use via the opening around the plug. Due to all Stealth cores being closed cell, only the cells that are damaged by the drilling can absorb water. Water may be heard from time to time within the stringer. This occurs only in minute amounts and will not effect the performance of your board.