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Bodyboard Core Materials


Polypro Core (PP)

Polypro is a state of the art, engineered Bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flex properties, including instant recoil, enhanced longitudinal stiffness and awesome compression strength. It is also 100% Waterproof, ensuring it stays nice and light throughout your bodyboards life. Ideal for anyone in mid to warm climates, and extremely durable for those who surf a lot!.

NRG Core

Developed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, NRG Core™ has been specifically formulated to duplicate key performance characteristics found in original Dow™ cores. By incorporating the latest advancements in calibrated cell-fusion and ESP™ (engineered stringer placement), NRG Core™ possesses excellent recoil and projection properties. The lightest high-performance core on the market. This is ideal for anyone in mid-cool climates, or those who prefer a bit of flex. Generally NRG Core is used with a Stringer and/or Link Mesh.

Polyethylene Core (PE)

2.5pcf Extruded Polypropylene core for colder waters. Originally the favoured core by many bodyboarders, although over the years, different manufacturers has led to a final product with lower density. NRG was created to fill the void, however PE is still a popular choice, particularly for those who like a bit of flex in their bodyboards.

EPS Core

Extreme composite core that is strong and lightweight offering great flex, speed and flotation. 100% Waterproof. Perfect for beginner bodyboarders.