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Mermaid Beach Store Now Open for Business

Welcome to our new store on the Gold Coast!. Fully stocked with surf gear including soft surfboards from Softlite and Mullet, bodyboards from Stealth and a huge range of swim fins, leashes and board bags. We also carry handboards and handplanes from WAW and POD for all the bodysurfers out there.

Come in and check out our skateboards, decks, trucks and wheels from all the best brands Birdhouse, Magenta, Anti Hero, Thunder, Venture and Spitfire. There is also a complete range of griptape, bolts, bearings and tools to choose from.

Scooter riders also have it made with pro and kids scooters and from Root Industries, Grit, Crisp, I-Glide and Globber as well as a huge selection of parts and wheels in 110mm and 120mm sizes. We also have some Electric Scooters from E-Glide and Globber for both kids and Adults.

Come and visit us at Shop 3B, 2558 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach. We look forward to seeing you.


Surf Skate Scooter Shop in Mermaid Beach QLD
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Electric Scooters by E-Glide and Globber Mermaid Beach QLD
Handboards and Handplanes by WAW and POD Mermaid Beach QLD
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Scooter and Skateboard FAQs


Skateboard Trucks: Choosing the right trucks for your deck

Skateboard trucks are a very important part of your skateboard, they allow you to turn and pivot smoothly. The type and size of the trucks will affect the stability of the skateboard and whether it is best suited for tricks or downhill riding.



Scooter Sizes: Choosing the right Scooter for you

Size does matter when choosing the right scooter for your height. You can ride a scooter of any size, but it won't be easy, comfortable or fun. We have put together the information to consider before choosing your perfect scooter.



How to measure your head for a helmet

To get the best helmet measurement for your head you will need a soft tape measure from your local dress making shop. Measure around your head just above your eyebrows and check what the measurement is in centimetres. Another way is to use a ribbon or a piece of rope, mark it with a pen then lay it out flat an measure with a standard tape measure.



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Softboards and Soft Surfboards for beginner surfers by Softlite and Mullet. Bodyboards by Stealth and Nalu plus Swimfins by Stealth, Dafin and POD.

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