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Scooter and Skateboard FAQs


Skateboard Trucks: Choosing the right trucks for your deck

Skateboard trucks are a very important part of your skateboard, they allow you to turn and pivot smoothly. The type and size of the trucks will affect the stability of the skateboard and whether it is best suited for tricks or downhill riding.



Scooter Sizes: Choosing the right Scooter for you

Size does matter when choosing the right scooter for your height. You can ride a scooter of any size, but it won't be easy, comfortable or fun. We have put together the information to consider before choosing your perfect scooter.



How to measure your head for a helmet

To get the best helmet measurement for your head you will need a soft tape measure from your local dress making shop. Measure around your head just above your eyebrows and check what the measurement is in centimetres. Another way is to use a ribbon or a piece of rope, mark it with a pen then lay it out flat an measure with a standard tape measure.



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